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proponente: Daniela da Cruz, Nuno Oliveira
instituição/empresa: Checkmarx
tema/título: Finding duplicated code in several languages based in a common representation
área científica: Source code analysis
local: Empresa ou universidade
curso de mestrado: Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática
Resharper is a tool that empowers Visual Studio with features for code analysis, navigation,
refactoring among many others. Focusing on code analysis, it allows for, e.g., inspections
regarding dead code, unused variables, duplicated code, etc. Resharper works for a few languages,
but many others might bennefit of these capabilities. In Checkmarx, we use a common representation for the code of (up to) 20 different programming
languages and associated frameworks (and counting). The purpose of this project is the research and
the development of generic techniques for finding a plethora of these patterns in our common
representation, reflecting the findings back to code itself.