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proponente: Daniela da Cruz, Nuno Oliveira
instituição/empresa: Checkmarx
tema/título: File dependency inference for security analysis parallelization
área científica: Source code analysis
local: Braga
curso de mestrado: Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática
Real production projects are usually made of Millions of Lines of Code scattered for another huge
number of code files; in turn, such files are dependent on each other either via imports,
inclusions or other kind of references enabled by the underlying programming language. On the other
hand, automated security analysis via (static) code analysis is a complex process that may long
from hours to days. The bigger the project under analysis, the longer the process will take. More
often than not, security analysis is done on the these projects, and thus it takes too long to
obtain the results and require several resources. A possible solution is to parallelize the work,
but doing this assumes that the project can be divided (so that each worker will scan and analyze
one part of the project, assembling all in the end). The purpose of this project is to study different approaches on how file dependencies can be
inferred and also on developing an actual strategy to infer such dependency on files.