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proponente: Hugo Pacheco, Ana Alonso, Rui Couto
instituição/empresa: Universidade do Minho
tema/título: Design a Market Hub Platform for the European energy market
área científica: Software Engineering
local: Braga
curso de mestrado: Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática
The recent liberalisation of the European electricity market has been encouraging the creation of a
EU-wide energy market, that enables different stakeholders (customers, system operators, retailers
or third-party service providers) to actively participate in grid management, exchange information,
and develop new business models. To empower such scenarios, the InteGrid H2020 project
( envisions the development of a neutral market hub platform (gm-hub) to
support the provision of services among the various stakeholders in the energy market. This project
will establish the foundations for new interactions in the energy markets, allowing users and third
parties to access consumption data . The goal of this thesis is to design a general cloud-based gm-hub and to implement a prototype in
Java, to be run in the SAP cloud environment ( This thesis, as a task of the InteGrid project, is to be developed in the context of an
international consortium which includes EDP and other well known entities as Águas de Portugal and
SAP SE, with potential funding. The work plan poses interdisciplinary computer science challenges in the areas of Software
Engineering, Security and Distributed Systems, including: . Design and conception of a general architecture that abides to existing standards and fulfils the
concrete InteGrid use cases. . Development of a cross platform implementation of a web application, replicable in other scenarios
(i.e. possibility to migrate to other application servers). . Implement the gm-hub in a modular way and to support “plug-and-play” services. . Privacy concerns, since services offered by one stakeholder typically operate on data provided by
other stakeholders, data processing shall offer privacy guarantees, through anonymization or secure
multi-party computation techniques. . Storage of large volumes of data, resorting to NoSQL technologies.