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proponente: Rui Oliveira, Ana Nunes Alonso
instituição/empresa: Universidade do Minho, OutSystems
tema/título: SQL Interfacing Technologies for BigData and NoSQL Systems
área científica: Sistemas Distribuídos, Engenharia de Software, BigData, NoSQL
local: Instalações da OutSystems, Braga
curso de mestrado: Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática
OutSystems makes it easy for IT organizations to build, deploy and manage enterprise-class web and
mobile applications - helping IT deliver innovative business solutions fast. OutSystems is a
multi-awarded company offering a set of innovative products and services (check for more info). The OutSystems Platform is used to develop, deploy and operate a large number of custom applications
through a model driven approach and based on a low code visual language. One of the key attributes
of the OutSystems Platform is the capability of integrating with a large variety of system that
exist on Enterprise IT landscapes. OutSystems is now looking to strengthen its integration capabilities with Big Data and NoSQL systems
in an easy but powerful way. With that purpose we are looking to: - Conduct a study on the state of the art of SQL based integrations with BigData and NoSQL
systems - Prototype an integration with one of the popular big data system so it behaves as a relational
datasource for the OutSystems platform The student will have the opportunity to contribute with both scientific and engineering solutions,
ranging from layout algorithms to clustering analysis. The project will be accompanied by
OutSystems experts and validation is set to be done with selected industrial projects. O aluno poderá receber uma bolsa de investigação para licenciados de acordo com as tabelas da
Fundação Para a Ciência e Tecnologia. O aluno terá as mesmas condições e ferramentas de
trabalho que qualquer outro Engenheiro da OutSystems.