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proponente: Celia Santos; Marco Flores; Carla Albuquerque
instituição/empresa: Wipro Portugal
tema/título: Quality Control (ARGWS revamping) (WR Refª #18)
área científica: Informática
local: Rua Engº Frederico Ulrich, 2650, Edificio Wipro, 4470-605 Moreira, Maia, Portug
curso de mestrado: Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática
Company Overview:
Wipro Ltd (NYSE:WIT) is a global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with
170,000+ workforce serving clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents ( Wipro is globally recognized for its innovative approach towards delivering business value and its
commitment to sustainability. Wipro champions optimized utilization of natural resources, capital
and talent. Today we are a trusted partner of choice for global businesses looking to
‘differentiate at the front’ and ‘standardize at the core’ through technology
interventions. Grooming fresh talent to become next generation dynamic professionals: to strengthen the future of
Information Technology, we need bright, aspiring graduates! Wipro recognizes and nurtures talents
from the university degree colleges of Portugal. Over the years some of our best performers have
been science graduates and every year we aim for the best minds that can align our industry
thoughts with non-technical developments and seamlessly transition these thoughts into successful
realities. Wipro’s Oracle Retail Global Practice (ORGP) has over 400 consultants across globe in Europe, USA,
Latin America, and India. Over 200 of them are Europe based, most at our ORGP office in Maia,
Portugal, but also in UK, and Germany. We believe our strength is in our people. From the joy of working on cutting-edge technologies to a
sense of achievement, set in an environment of transparency; discover why Wipro is one of the most
desirable workplaces. An internship at Wipro means a life-long opportunity to explore your potential, continuous growth,
and the joy of working on the latest technologies alongside the finest minds in the industry and an
international career in the most known retail brands in the world. An inspiring combination of
growth prospects, continuous innovation, fair play and a great work culture makes Wipro an
exhilarating place to be in. Internship - Context: Data is at the heart of all Organizations, a key asset that when properly managed and used is able
to generate competitive advantage. The majority companies have suffered “losses, problems, or
costs” due to poor quality data and consistency in their IT/SI. The key aspect to drive this project is to improve Wipro’s framework on Data Quality with better
usability, integration and performance. Internship - Introduction: At Wipro we have large Organization customers where significant effort is being put to optimize
their business processes and reduce their operating costs. Control and anticipate Data Quality is a
key area that contributes to cost savings across the different departments in the organizations.
Some of the benefits are: - Less time consolidating data - Greater confidence in analytics systems - Focus in key activities - Reduce time resolution - Increase customer satisfaction Driven by the customers need to handle inconsistent data in several systems the team identified the
initial requirements for Quality Control Framework, which represents a framework tool to allow the
usage of the same methods, development and control across the different implementations. Internship - Goals: To improve the usability of ARGWS framework and to improve performance using new technology. This framework should monitor and alert data inconsistencies found between Operational System,
Financial, Data Warehouse and any other systems integrated within a company’s IT architecture. Internship - Plan: Activities in scope of this Solution: 1. Assessment 2. Development 3. Tests 4. Documentation 5. Code Release / Implementation Innovation Aspects / Scientific Relevance: - Be able to cope with requirements of a distributed architecture - User friendly - Authentications and authorization capability - Mobile enablement - Integration with Vendor Package - Deployment in the Cloud or on Promise Technologies: - Oracle Database - ADF - Java - XML The technologies to be used are not limited to the list above. We welcome new ideas and the creativity of the candidates that will integrate the project.