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proponente: Hugo Pacheco e Nuno Macedo
instituição/empresa: Universidade do Minho
tema/título: Functional Reactive Programming for Robotic Software
área científica: Software Engineering
local: Braga
curso de mestrado: Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática
Developing robust robotic systems is a burdensome task, since several complex and heterogeneous
subsystems must be integrated into a configurable and adaptable system. The Robot Operating System
(ROS, is a popular open-source framework for building and deploying robotic
applications, whose large community has contributed packages ranging from proof-of-concept
implementations to industrial-level drivers and capabilities. Despite helping with architectural
design and abstracting communication details, ROS allows individual robotic components to be
developed in an unstructured style using general-purpose programming languages. This renders the
process error prone, especially since most ROS developers are not proficient with software
engineering methods. Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) integrates compositional events into functional programming
and provides a more elegant, declarative way to express interactive applications for robotics,
animations, user-interfaces, etc. Despite the overwhelming number of existing FRP libraries and
languages (see, e.g.,, following different paradigms, there
still lack real-world robotic applications to confirm the acclaimed FRP potential to improve
robotic software design. The goal of this thesis is 1) to explore idiomatic examples of practical ROS applications and study
which FRP paradigm can best model such examples; and 2) to implement a fully integrated FRP
framework that supports both (web) simulation and execution in a real-world ROS environment.