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proponente: Hugo Pacheco, Nuno Macedo
instituição/empresa: Universidade do Minho
tema/título: Automated Assessment of Functional Programs
área científica: Functional Programming
local: Braga
curso de mestrado: Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática
The number of students enrolling in software engineering courses has steadily increased over the
last decade, and this tendency is expected to continue. This poses a challenge to the university
faculty, as the provision of timely feedback and the manual evaluation of student’s assignments
is no longer feasible. Automated assessment systems (AASs) can be used to reduce the burden on the
staff, but such systems must be sensibly developed with automation in mind, in order to provide
useful feedback and not encumber the students with unnecessary procedures and irrelevant
information. This becomes especially true when dealing with first-year students with no previous
programming experience. A large education community advocates the teaching of functional programing languages, like Haskell,
as an introductory programming language, due to their clean syntax and semantics, and the
abstraction of lower-level details. However, AASs to support the development of functional programs
are still rudimentary, limiting their application to large classes of fresh students. In the context of introductory programming classes, AASs are expected to be flexible in the
assessment of program correction, provide frequent and informative feedback, report relevant
quality metrics, and being integrated in a continuous integration process. The goal of this thesis
is precisely to address this challenges and design an AAS for functional programming assignments.