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proponente: Solange Rito Lima, João Marco Silva, Paulo Carvalho
instituição/empresa: Centro Algoritmi; Universidade do Minho
tema/título: SDNs in IoT Context
área científica: Informática
local: Centro Algoritmi; Universidade do Minho
curso de mestrado: Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática
1. Introduction
Although firstly oriented to packet switching, IoT have also emerged as one promising field for
applying SDNs - Software Defined Networks concepts. The main principle behind SDN architecture is
that the control and data planes are decoupled, with a centralized logic controller and view, and
the underlying network infrastructure abstracted from the applications. To support it, open
interfaces between the devices in the control plane and those in the data plane provide
programmability of the network behavior by external applications. In IoT, SDN appears as a
promising alternative network architecture that allows for programming the network and opening the
possibility of creating new services and more efficient applications to cover current IoT
requirements. 2. Objectives: This work aims at exploring the evolution and opportunities in the development of IoT applications
considering SDNs concepts. In particular, the study and comparison of open source SDN controllers
in IoT contexts are expected. 3. Bibliography: Zhijing Qin, Grit Denker, Carlo Giannelli, Paolo Bellavista, Nalini Venkatasubramanian, Software
Defined Networking Architecture for the Internet-of-Things, IEEE Network Operations and Management
Symposium (NOMS), 2014. Ángel Valdivieso Caraguay, Alberto Peral, Lorena López, and Luis Villalba, SDN: Evolution and
Opportunities in the Development IoT Applications, International Journal of Distributed Sensor
Networks, 2014. Proponentes: Solange Rito Lima, João Marco Silva, Paulo Carvalho Contacto: {solange,joaomarco,pmc} Unidade de investigação: ALGORITMI