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proponente: Pedro Rangel Henriques + Alda Lopes Gançarski
instituição/empresa: UNIVERSIDADE DO MINHO
tema/título: Ontology matching
área científica: Ontologias
local: DI/UM
curso de mestrado: Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática
Ontology matching is an important functionality in many applications for relating information, e.g.,
from heterogeneous sources into a common model that can be queried and reasoned upon. It is for example the case of the Semantic Web initiative. On an abstract level, ontology matching is the task of finding correspondences between ontologies. Correspondences express relationships supposed to hold between entities in ontologies, for
instance, that a Subject/Area in one ontology is the same as a Topic in another one or that Regular author in
an ontology is a subclass of Author in another one. In this example, the first correspondence expresses an equivalence, while the other one is a subsumption correspondence. In a further step, one may generate query expressions that automatically translate instances of these ontologies under an integrated ontology. There are many automatic approaches for automatically detect and handle matches between Ontologies
[1]. However, these techniques are far from perfect and, when the use case requires an accurate matching, humans must be involved in the process, which is difficult when leading with big and complex ontologies. Several works proposed methods and tools to help users in the ontology matching process, using visual and interactive techniques that still suffering from many drawbacks
[2]. The purpose of the thesis is to propose a new efficient visual and interactive system that helps
users to find matching correspondences between ontologies, overcoming existing tools drawbacks. Bibliography: [1] Ontology matching: A literature review. Lorena Otero-Cerdeira, Francisco J.
Rodríguez-Martínez, Alma Gomez-Rodríguez. Expert Systems with Applications 42, 949-971, 2015. [2] Interactive Techniques to Support Ontology Matching. Sean M. Falconer and Natalya F. Noy. Schema Matching and Mapping, Data-Centric Systems and Applications, Chapter 2. Springer-Verlag
Berlin Heidelberg, 2011.