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proponente: Paulo Novais
instituição/empresa: Universidade do Minho
tema/título: Food Recommender System
área científica: Intelligent Systems
local: DI
curso de mestrado: Mestrado Integrado em Engenharia Informática
Motivation: Build a smart tool capable of automatically suggesting a set of menus, according to the
needs suggested by the user, such as the desire to gain/lose weight, health conditions, nutritional
food information, user preferences, feedback, among others. Description: Food Recommender Systems have been touted as a useful tool in combating global
diet-related epidemics, such as diabetes and obesity. Developing such systems is, however, for many
reasons particularly challenging including the need to select and use multiple nutritional and
preference models. To realize such suggestive recommendations, the system needs to have a deep
insight into the user’s everyday contexts and a predictive system for the likely future contexts,
through the use of Machine Learning techniques.